Outdoor Furniture Matching Reference

- Jun 17, 2020-

How to match a charming courtyard?

I've compiled five related tips for you,

How to match a charming courtyard?

Enjoy with all of you.


No matter the large space layout, or small details decoration, the beauty of the hierarchy is the important content of space collocation.

With unique design of outdoor furniture to your courtyard with a sense of hierarchy, will make the whole space more open, more atmospheric.


02. Simple color

Rendering environment does not have to rely on color to catch people's eyes, the courtyard itself is rich in color, too colorful stacked will cause visual clutter.


On the contrary, concise color can optimize a space more.

A few green plant collocation is rich the furniture of simple sense, can let a person feel relaxed and happy more, have a kind of return uncut jade to return true feeling.

03. Reasonable lightning

Lighting technology is the magic of the environment "makeup", in a vibrant courtyard with some clever lighting, your courtyard will be full of emotional, more a romantic artistic atmosphere.    

          Garden furniture matching 9 (1)  Garden furniture matching 11 (2)

Garden furniture matching 11 (1)

04.Simple homefurningshings

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The area of some courtyard area is not big, when we are choosing in that way, choose the outdoor furniture with a few portable easy move as far as possible, won't occupy too much space so.


Garden furniture matching 12

For example, the outdoor table and chair combined with aluminum frame and soft cushion are very convenient for cleaning and handling. The appearance of these waterproof outdoor furniture enables more people to enjoy the convenience and beauty of outdoor life.


05.A nice sunshade/canopy

In addition to sofas, chairs, lighting, and plants, parasols and awnings are also essential components. On a sunny afternoon, a large umbrella can shade your yard.

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