Outdoor Furniture Out Of The Big House

- Jun 06, 2017-

Outdoor furniture as a new fashion among the furniture, embodies a people relaxed and relaxed life. This summer is the layout of the new home owners, in the selection of outdoor furniture, when you can forget the decoration of the various troubles, into the pastoral beauty of life. This summer there are more varieties of outdoor furniture, more fun, not only can be used in the courtyard, more can also take them to travel, so you light starting.

    Three outdoors options for lifestyle

     Now the outdoor furniture can be divided into three categories. One is permanently fixed in the outdoor furniture, such as wooden pavilion, wooden tables and chairs, iron tables and chairs and so on. General such furniture to have a good anti-corrosion, the weight is relatively heavy, long-term outdoors. There is a class of outdoor furniture can be moved, such as rattan, wood, etc., when used into the outdoor, when not in the room can be incorporated, so this kind of furniture more comfortable, do not consider so many solid and anti-corrosion Performance, you can add some cloth and so on. Another kind of outdoor furniture can be carried, such as small dining table, dining chair and parasol, this kind of furniture is generally made of aluminum or canvas, light weight, easy to carry, field travel, fishing is very suitable, the best But also bring some outdoor equipment, barbecue stove, a tent, for outdoor travel to add a lot of fun.

Outdoor furniture selection thick and thin

    We are in the choice of furniture when the general will be more detailed, but the choice of outdoor furniture is the thickness of the combination. First of all if long-term outdoors, inevitably wind and sun, so you have to do a good job of furniture deformation and fade of psychological preparation, most of the general choice of wood and pine trees. However, in the choice of connectors, you will have to be careful, because it is related to the solid outdoor furniture, the total can not put a few days on the wind blowing on the broken. So its weight is relatively heavy, and the ground to be connected firmly, through the rope, or the way the fixed load. In the connection of outdoor furniture parts, usually the mortise or metal parts connected, the general interconnection between the more solid, but do a good tenon is not only strong, there is room for moving between the parts, Increasing the stability of the structure. And the mortise of the furniture is also more natural and the natural beauty of the structure, but the process can be good.

Material selection and the relationship between the room style

    From the material itself, in addition to performance, the style still has some characteristics and skills to do with the overall style of coordination. For example, in general, iron lines smooth, pattern design luxurious and elegant, easy and classical style of interior design coordination, so hard and soft. The wooden outdoor furniture is more suitable for modern, simple style of the indoor environment, the line is generally the main line, and some exaggerated shape is also better. For the pastoral style of the indoor environment, the wood color and then fit, and natural texture and temperament are easier to coordinate, through the delicate lines and details to create a quiet atmosphere of life.

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