[outdoor Furniture] With Scenery, More Warmth.

- Dec 16, 2019-

With the continuous improvement of material living standards, people's spiritual requirements are also increasing, paying more attention to the free and humane modern lifestyle.In recent years, outdoor leisure featuring nature, health and fashion has become one of the important activities for people. Compared with indoor activities, people prefer to bask in the sun and chat in the outdoor space.

Furniture material

Outdoor furniture is put in outdoor commonly use, considering the particularity of outdoor weather, the material of outdoor furniture should have certain strength prevent bask in corrosivity, outdoor furniture material has cane to make commonly, cast aluminium, aluminium alloy, ligne.PE cane is cane plait furniture commonly used cane.True cane furniture is easy craze is out of shape, raw material is scarce.So outdoor appropriate to choose PE cane, PE cane surface smooth and delicate, smooth and clean, with high strength, good flexibility, strong permeability, aging resistance, uv resistance, moisture and heat resistance ability is strong, anti mildew, not easy to dry and crack deformation, not easy to fade.Casting aluminum material is divided into two processes: sand casting and die casting.Sand mold casting surface roughness, strength and hardness are relatively low.Die-casting products have high dimensional accuracy, no porosity and shrinkage defects, smooth and fine surface, and high strength.So the furniture that USES in the outdoors, had better choose to cast the casting aluminium furniture that forms.Aluminium alloy furniture general frame is aluminium alloy, after course bake lacquer and waterproof processing, such material can bear outdoor wind blow rain dill most.What woodiness furniture chooses commonly is the lumber with higher content of oil, be like teak, such woodiness can prevent woodware to be cracked because of dilate or loose and crisp.

With concise modelling, perfect detail, build the feeling that gives fashionable avant-garde, contemporary and contracted style caters to the love of young people, it can eliminate the exhaustion of the job, make a person forget the noisy city.

Modern vacation style

Natural material, clean color, simple knot fluent line, give a person a kind of holiday mood and emotional appeal, achieve the short isolation with real life, and close contact with natural scenery, realize the perfect combination of nature and fashion life.

Stay in comfortable nature, taste a cup of green tea, chat with 3 or 5 good friends, it is how comfortable, outdoors furniture serves as a new fashion in furniture product, reflecting close to nature, the life pursuit that relaxes body and mind, walking into common household gradually.

Oriental style

Natural hands touch the sound of quiet nature, frost and dew on the cold dust.Elegant style, simple and beautiful modeling, quiet without losing texture of the artistic effect is the modern Oriental style.

Space scale

Choose outdoor furniture to want to consider the size of furniture itself not only, consider the size that outdoor furniture puts a space even, the scale of courtyard, terrace and balcony.Decide to put a few outdoor furniture according to the scale of these Spaces, choose what size outdoor furniture.

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