Outdoor Leisure Furniture Buying Guide(next Part)

- Mar 22, 2017-

9. Create independent quiet space

Whether private courtyard, or penthouse balcony in the city, outside, don't forget to do a good job of illicit close sex, otherwise hard to avoid his languid positions or charming figure might become focus in the world. You can use a curtain or removable separated curtain cloth art, not only can achieve instantaneous segregation effect of the space, also ensure the action of the private security.

10. Add some comfortable fittings

Although in the outdoor, natural beauty, sunshine is the focus of enjoy, carpet, cushion, lighting, however, these similar to household adornment element can bring people a more comfortable enjoy. If you just want to a small update this summer outdoor equipment, then choose a color and bold on your bag. Choose waterproof and anti-uv fabric, so it is not easy to fade, the information will be shown in the cloth label.

11. Function is the trend

Place in the area is not large terrace on several stool, it can be used as a seat already, also can temporarily put food beverage, when not in use, it also can be used when the flower stands. The role of the bench, as the most appropriate, when have guests don't have to pull over to put very save space. Some bench with below store object space, the summer, still can move back to indoor use.

12. Light is the key

The earth color trend is gradually fading, candy color became popular, yellow, red, attract the attention of people. Can according to the outdoor environment to determine the color combination, if the peripheral is given priority to with green plant, tie-in stripe fabric and flower pattern is a good choice, if there are a lot of flowers, you can choose some neutral colors, such as yellow, light blue, grey, etc.

13. Woven materials

Both synthetic and natural fibers, usually before leaving the factory through the chemical processing, make it become more strong and able to moisture proof. Wicker furniture is the most afraid of the sun, if not two or three weeks or more best cover them with a layer of protective casing. Wicker furniture can not be polished, in order to minimize the accumulation of bacteria, often can use wet cloth to wipe. Use after a period of time, they can absorb the gap in the dust with cleaner, brush with wool or also go, and then use neutral soap scrub whole, dry, and be careful not to use too much water, could make the fiber become fragile.

14. Wood furniture

Most of the wood used as outdoor furniture are able to resist corrosion from nature. Change garments according to the maintenance, can be mixed with hot water washing powder, cleared surface mould material, and rinse clean. To remove rust or bird droppings, or restore the original color, with fine sand paper burnish. If the area is too big, can whitening agent mixed with sand paper burnish together. Do not use chlorine bleach, it could damage the wood fiber.

15. Metal furniture

Aluminum, cast iron, steel and other metal, after heat deformation, make the modelling of rich. In the removal of aluminum and other metal furniture factory will add a protective coating. Daily after cleaning, can be used without a flannelette and protection wax liquid or cream car wiped gently. To regularly check for rust, especially the hidden in the corner, even if it is stainless steel coating corrosion may also be at the beach this kind of environment. Deep clean, use neutral soap scrub, rinse, and dry. Going to rust removing stains, gently with fine sand paper burnish, then wipe clean, and paint coating protection, in order to guarantee effect, the best thin coating layers, more attention on besmear to brush to make sure that middle a layer of paint is completely dry. Humidity may affect the paint, so it's best to work in dry weather.

16. Be careful discoloration

Outdoor use cloth art, usually referred to as permanent lining, designed to insolate, stain resistance, moisture and mildew. Inject non-woven fiber dope dyed fabric, paint, it is not easy to fade, can withstand the high intensity of cleaner, is better than that of the printing and dyeing. Daily sundries in timely cleaning the dust and leaves, and according to the need to wash, stain with a wet cloth to wipe, in time to some liquids such as sunscreen can cause fabric color. Removable cover general can use washing machine wash in cold water, use neutral detergent, do not contain chlorine bleach, and then dried.

Plastic furniture is 17.

Generally made from plastic, resin furniture may be PVC or PE, they can imitate into the material such as wood, wicker appearance. Plastic furniture cleaning and the simplest, wipe with wet cloth, or cooperate with neutral soap scrub, for stubborn stains, swab with chlorine bleach.


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