Outdoor Leisure Furniture Buying Guide(Part One)

- Mar 17, 2017-

1. Consider the weather and climate

Consider how your own live where the weather. Whether it will often rain? Is located in the tropical and humid and hot? Direct sunlight can make wooden furniture craze, and metal temperature rises in under the scorching sun itself, use rise also uncomfortable. If you live where there are often a tropical storm, strong convective weather, or near the sea, the instantaneous wind may also put the aluminum or plastics such as very light furniture overturned.

2. In the space surrounding the furniture

And indoor furniture, outdoor furniture and no special functional requirements, so you don't have to be sure to complete tables and chairs, or according to the space to match the size proportion to the size of the furniture. Whether open beside the outdoor swimming pool, or limited atrium garden, and always remember to set aside more active area. A high bar table more useful than a formal table, because put the stool more save a space. Or you can also consider a smaller side table and sit pier collocation, can move at any time, more flexible.

3. According to the style and material placement decision

Your outdoor awnings area? Furniture is on lawn soft or hard on the ground? Remember, if in the grass on the ground, never use cork framework of furniture, cork will moisture absorption, the framework and then lead to damage to choose plastic, steel frame instead. If there is the sun, it is better to use umbrellas, direct sunlight to furniture and human skin will be harmful.

4. The material is more important than appearance

The material of outdoor furniture is very important, it decided to the maintenance of the future, so, don't only look at buying appearance. Aluminum and resin is the most easy to do, wicker or wooden furniture requires regular maintenance.

5. Don't forget to comfort

Outdoor furniture is generally used to relax, so must better comfort. Even though some outdoor chair does not use cushion for leaning on, you can also custom, pay attention to choose waterproof fabrics. The Angle of the chair must be adjustable, different comfort needs to adapt to the family.

6. Pay attention to receive a space

In general, the use of outdoor furniture only four or five months, so, if you buy, make sure leave must receive a space for them. Folding design is the most economic space, also can pay attention to some can at the same time, the design of suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so that can be used double furniture, also saved a large amount of budget.

7. Deep big sofa collocation is the most practical tea table

Where do you usually do in the balcony or terrace? Is like a sitting room with family entertainment, or for the guests? If you often have a family reunion, so try to make the setting and interior unity. Deep big chair or sofa tea table, more practical than table setting. If you have a big garden, you will need to a traditional dining area, need to put more on the top of eat chair cushion and cushion for leaning on, increase comfort.

Local use carpet. 8

Local carpet, adornment effect is good, especially in the case of room function zoning is not so clear, carpet can easily solve the problem. Trying to find suitable for outdoor space use carpet at the same time, they look like natural fiber, but is actually made from synthetic fiber, can resist ultraviolet light, and moisture proof.


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