Paint Is Becoming More And More Popular For Children's Health

- Aug 04, 2017-

 Recently, the ministry of environmental protection deliberated and adopted the "13th five-year plan for the prevention and control of volatile organic compounds", aiming to comprehensively enhance the prevention and control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The coating industry, as one of the main producers of VOCs, is facing a major renovation. At the same time, with the awareness of policy guidance and public awareness of green consumption, people are becoming more and more inclined toward healthier and safer water paints when choosing coatings. 


Decoration industry is one of the key areas of paint use. In recent years, a number of decoration companies in the domestic and second-tier cities have called out slogans such as "health", "ecology" and "green" to promote the application of water paint. But for the whole country, paint usage is still a big lead over water paint. Therefore, in the process of decoration, due to the construction, material selection, ventilation, etc., the hazards are unavoidable. 


Among the affected groups, children, pregnant women and other low - immune people were the first to be affected. Some studies have shown that the volatile VOCs are the important factors to induce leukemia in children. At present, the incidence of childhood leukemia in China is about four to ten thousand, with about 15,000 new cases each year. At the start of the year, a Beijing children's hospital data showed that 90 percent of children with leukaemia had been decorated in half a year. The international health organization says more than four million people worldwide die each year from indoor air pollution. 


A woman in Beijing has been decorating a set of wardrobes and has a pungent smell. Soon, cheng noticed that her two-year-old daughter often coughed and listless in the morning, and her delicate skin grew red. After medical treatment, doctors judged the damage and skin allergies caused by indoor air pollution. After testing, the VOCs in Ms. Cheng's home were too large, and the custom furniture formaldehyde was too high. 


After the fact, cheng negotiated with the merchants to replace all the custom furniture in the home and replaced them with a relatively healthy water lacquered woodwork products. 


According to experts, the toxic substances emitted by VOCs in paint can be fatal to children. Formaldehyde can trigger asthma and cancer, and phthalates threaten the reproductive system of children. VOC (total volatile organic matter) can damage child brain cell, cause unrecoverable intelligence low, benzene system (benzene, toluene, xylene) can cause the gene mutation of cell, induce leukaemia. 


At present, China is fully promoting "oil change water", which will bring great environmental benefits. Water paints with water as dispersive media are not only non-toxic and tasteless, but also avoid the use of organic solvents in paint, and almost eliminate the volatilization of VOCs and formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances. All water in China's largest paint manufacturers chenyang water paint, for example, and compared with the size of the traditional paint factory, the VOC emissions can be reduced by 240000 tons a year, equivalent to 240000 cars a year. 


Children are the most protected people, but also the most vulnerable. With the popularization of environmental awareness and health knowledge, people will become more and more important in the future. 


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