Part 1---Popular Elements Of IMM Cologne Furniture Fair That Will Last Until 2021

- Mar 05, 2020-


Colog logne

IMM cologne furniture fair presents a new international trend in furniture and interior design, bringing a lot of market-oriented innovation to visitors.According to official statistics, the exhibition area of the cologne furniture fair in 2019 is 235,000 square meters, with 1,250 enterprises from 52 countries participating.About 150,000 people from 145 countries attended, with 52% of the audience coming from outside Germany.The number of professional audiences from China, north and South America has increased significantly, as has the number of professionals from Greece, Ireland and Portugal across Europe.


1. Yellow

There is no doubt that this year's IMM cologne furniture fair, yellow is the main color, and yellow is also agreed to be the main color this year by various other trend color organizations.
In fact, yellow is a very versatile color, depending on the shade you choose.From ochre yellow and mustard yellow to generation Z bright yellow, to soft pale yellow and lemon yellow, to light yellow oil and ivory: you'll find them all at furniture fair cologne 2020.
And yellow also brings nifty feeling to the person, create interesting, happy fun atmosphere very easily.




Also, we've seen too many beige and warm whites this year. They've been in fashion for a few years now, so there should be a change next year.

There's no question that beige is really beautiful, but maybe we're starting to get a little bored, and maybe we can find some other color themes and decorating ideas that will replace beige in the near future.

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