Part 2---Popular Elements Of IMM Cologne Furniture Fair That Will Last Until 2021

- Mar 06, 2020-


There has been a growing interest in outdoor design this year.In this 2019 IMM cologne exhibition, we can see many interior furniture brand design of the new outdoor series of products.And the brand that a few main do outdoor furniture products also is getting inspiration from indoor household.The trend of "integration of interior and exterior design" is increasingly seen.




As also predicted last year, white is again used on furniture.In this exhibition we can see many different white soft furniture and decorations, as well as pure white walls.

In fact, white furniture not only works well against a neutral background, but also works well with more saturated tones.


Outdoor furniture 7

Outdoor furniture 7


In 2020, we found more saturated colors.Already at the cologne show in 2019, we saw some brands start to play on this trend, choosing very bold colors like klein blue, shamrock and emerald green, red, bright orange, cherry and, of course, generation Z yellow from the '90s.

This goes back to the Bauhaus tradition of combining primary colors on a white background, which is reminiscent of the new Memphis style.On the whole, with the extensive use of color scheme, indoor whole becomes more colorful.




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