Practicality And Appearance Level Combination Of Outdoor Furniture

- Apr 27, 2020-

In the space of open air, the existence of outdoor furniture appears important all the more, besides prevent ultraviolet ray and moisture to be able to be good besides, appearance level also is necessary consideration condition.

These outdoor furniture that should introduce today, some are zen, some are lively, no matter what kind of style your balcony or courtyard is, can have good adornment effect.

Designed by Jean Marie Massaud for MDF Italia, the chair has hand-woven twisting ropes available in green grey and orange, with a simple yet stylish silhouette that is comfortable.

Funiture 5Funiture 2    

Minimalist guru John Pawson created the bench collection for Salvatori in a consistent style.Marble and sandblasted stool feet add a lot of texture.    

                     Funiture 10Funiture 9

Kettal, a Spanish outdoor expert, has been in the business for more than 50 years. Japanese designer noriku konizawa designed the lamp with a soft minimalism. The semi-circular shade reminds people of the shape and brightness of the moon.

     Funiture 8Funiture 7

Aquiloni is like a jigsaw puzzle, with geometric pieces that can be used alone and easily stitched together.The rich colors are very lively and interesting.

Funiture 12Funiture 11Funiture 13

The Sienna standing bowl is the focal point of an outdoor dining table, both as a fruit bowl and as a setting piece. This powder-coated aluminum bowl was inspired by architecture, with an impressive simplicity of line.

Funiture 16Funiture 15Funiture 14

Funiture 20Funiture 19Funiture 18Funiture 17

The combination of chair and flowerpot is very novel, practical already, arrived especially adornment chair.A simple color scheme will not stand out no matter what kind of plants are used.

Funiture 25Funiture 24Funiture 23Funiture 22Funiture 21Funiture 25

This vase with a textured surface is made entirely by hand, and the frosted texture and fresh colors are very popular.

Funiture 29Funiture 28Funiture 27Funiture 26Funiture 30

Simon Legald's Terrazzo table has a strong modern feel.Soft terrazzo table top forms bright contrast with whimsical twist table corner, sending out unique temperament.

Funiture 40Funiture 39Funiture 37

This series of outdoor sofas USES a multifunctional modular system.The wooden frame brings a warm feeling.The weaving element adds a touch of holiday spirit.

Funiture 36Funiture 35Funiture 34

Funiture 33Funiture 32Funiture 31

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