Professor Peng Liang: The New Chinese Style Is The Furniture That Builds Chinese Aesthetic Standard

- Nov 03, 2017-

 How is Chinese style divided, diversified and connected with the international market? The following is an expert consultant of the professional committee of the red wood furniture professional committee of the union, and the expert leader of the ministry of education, furniture design and manufacturing.

First of all, diversity is permanent, especially in China, a multi-ethnic country with strong differences in all regions. Both new Chinese style furniture design in contemporary China, should not be in the future is a unified pattern, style, paradigm, it should be co-existence, it should be, each region basin and the contemporary people of all nationalities, and more to do with the present have grade, culture and aesthetic way of life, level of consistent.

We should learn from the furniture of the Ming dynasty, and we should learn from the furniture of the song dynasty. The Ming dynasty was the peak of furniture and garden, and song dynasty was the peak of art, literature and aesthetic development. And the foundation of the Ming style furniture is in the song dynasty, the song style furniture is more not to ask material, not only material theory. In addition, the literati of wei and jin dynasties, such as tao yuanming, have become the dream of the world in pursuit of the poetic meaning of life style, people and environment. We should also be more diverse, create healthier, better, new Chinese furniture that fits the lifestyle of modern people.

Second, how to integrate internationally? If contemporary Chinese furniture is ready, the international will take the initiative to join us. The Ming style furniture formed the Chinese wind in the 18th century Europe, and the whole Europe was connected with China, so we should have national self-confidence and not have to seek to integrate with the west. Now, the whole world recognizes that eastern culture has a good aesthetic, humanistic, and universal view of nature. Lu xun said, the more the nation is the more the world, the sentence still remains today. Like China's state leaders, from clothing to supplies and image design, they represent contemporary Chinese design. The world leaders have come to China for APEC meetings and G20 summits to wear new clothes. This is our contemporary aesthetic standard, and so should new Chinese furniture.

The new Chinese is just a concept, but it is indeed an innovation and a modern path to the mahogany furniture industry. It is no outlet to seize the style of the qing dynasty to reproduce the production in the same way. In some sense, it is destroying rare hardwood and producing goods without new artistic value and aesthetic value. Chinese companies should create more markets, not market them.

Mahogany industry deeply influenced by the qing dynasty, especially in late qing dynasty, we can't give up of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, longfeng such elements, even now national skills contest or carve patterns or designs on woodwork skills contest, but the time background of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, fundamental changes have taken place in building environment, we should have more skills contest of the new era. An Israeli gifted scholar recently wrote a brief history of mankind, a brief history of the future, affecting the whole world. We also need to do the things that affect the future, and the new Chinese also needs to focus on the future. We need to learn from our ancestors, but one eye should be left to the future to create furniture that will affect the future of mankind. In the past 200 years, China has been inheriting too much and lacking innovation. Therefore, we should make more creative and literary and creative future.

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