Renzo Piano, Italian Architectural Designer, Appreciation - Kanak Culture

- May 30, 2018-

The e Research Base designed by Renzo Piano. Ten "bamboo poles" of different sizes lined up in a row and connected by a low gallery to form a village in a true sense. The building is shaped like a vertical shell, similar to the traditional hut in the Caledonian Village. From tradition but beyond tradition, Phi Phi's architecture has become a new symbol of Kana culture. "The balance between memory and oblivion" is Pippi's pursuit of regional culture and modernization, global and local, just as he used high-tech techniques to interpret the traditional huts of Caledonian villages.

Kanak Culture  (1).jpg

The inspiration for the entire center structure comes from "the sound of the Kankan culture", which can also be said to be the sound of listening to the wind. An open, woven shell made of wood allows the wind to pass through.

It seems to be able to feel a belief in this group of buildings. The futuristic architecture reflects the holiness of ancient ruins.

Villages are buildings, buildings are villages.

Renzo Piano design.jpg

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