Routine ≠ Way Out, Adhere To The Difference Is The Furniture Market Winning Way

- Jun 24, 2017-

  Throughout the furniture market, those obvious competitive advantage, the brand highlights the business often have a higher market share, can survive better. However, in the face of changing market environment, many furniture companies often lose their own unique, blindly sought after trend. Although this approach can bring real profits for the enterprise, but it is not sustainable. In the homogenization of serious, plagiarism into the furniture market, furniture companies how to seek a breakthrough to obtain sustainable development?

1. Do not follow the trend to adhere to the unique advantages of leading the trend

 When the simple, practical plate furniture began to take the heat, many furniture companies have joined the plate army, a time plate furniture competition is fierce. But extremes meet, when the development of plate furniture reached its peak, the next will begin to decline downhill. With the pursuit of high quality of life and environmental awareness, the gradual emergence of the plate furniture, aesthetic fatigue, the market began to return to solid wood furniture. At this point, some of the lack of their own characteristics, the market will take the enterprise will inevitably feel powerless, and those who always adhere to their own characteristics of the road market advantages have been highlighted.

  At that time the olive tree furniture is a good example. When the plate wind Zhengsheng, the olive tree has launched the "British village" solid wood series, "European classical" solid wood series, "small European" solid wood series, aroused great concern in the market, it is this series of products so that Olive trees in a number of furniture enterprises in the panel highlights, and make it successful into the market.

  Market follow the trend is the phenomenon of each industry, follow the trend is not terrible, really terrible is the process of enterprises in the process of losing their self. Enterprises to seize the market opportunities, access to sustainable development, must have ahead of the market awareness, and adhere to their core strengths on the basis of grasping market trends, so as to lead the trend, rather than follow the trend.

Differentiation creates market value and seeks breakthrough


  Follow the side effect is "homogenization", so that the entire market is also caught in the amount to win, to win the homogeneity of low-cost competition. If the enterprise can not find a differentiated breakthrough in the homogenization of the rapids, sooner or later in the industry's reshuffle wave was eliminated. Differentiation is the key to business differentiation, but also its market value.

  When some companies are also lost in the homogenization of the cycle, some better sense of the market has gradually realized that the immediate short-term advantage is not enough to support its future development, so began to seek market breakthrough, out of the current market for the blank market explore. Such as Hua Rui home for the exploration of old-age furniture, olive trees on the development of health furniture, are based on the current market environment made by the differentiated exploration to seek their own better development. Although the two are not formed a more mature market environment, but its future development potential is foreseeable. This requires companies to have a keen sense of market smell, who can see the potential of the blank market earlier and put into research and development, who is more likely to first step to seize the market, in the future market access to greater competitiveness.


  It is important for the ancestors to enter the market step by step, but more importantly, how to create greater market value through differentiation, which is all the furniture companies need to think about the problem. From the ups and downs of the furniture business changes, we will find in the fierce competition in the market is often those who adhere to the original, the pursuit of differentiated enterprises. But a lot of furniture companies are caught in the market "routines" in the whirlpool, and produced a follow-up routine can find a way out of the misunderstanding, everyone knows, differentiated competition is the way to win the enterprise.

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