Russia Material Weak Finishing, Teak New Goods Entry

- Dec 28, 2017-

Sawtimber market: the smooth transition of kundian market and the shortage of teak supplies have been alleviated; The sands are stable, the little zebra is on the high side; The supply of broadleaf materials in North America is in short supply; Russia material weak finishing.

1. Southeast Asia saw timber market: kun dian market smooth transition. Companies have said that a few years ago pontianak is mainly used for fishing boats, but as the fishing boats in recent years, mostly use steel manufacturing, pontianak market focus also gradually turned to the stairs and outdoor garden market. Kundian material is hard weight, strong resistance to decay, strong resistance to decay, and it is not afraid of humidity. It is an excellent material for making stairs (stair railing, stair pillars, stair pedals, etc.). Merchants pointed out that although the price of most of the materials has risen sharply this year, the price of kun dian has been consistent and the market is relatively stable. The main reason is that the price of kun dian in the upstream region is stable and the supply of goods is very stable, and the use of the domestic market is relatively narrow and the demand is relatively stable. At present, the guangdong market is 2-4m, 12cm wide, 12cm thick, and A price of 8000 to 9000 yuan per cubic meter.

In myanmar, the shortage of teak supplies has eased. According to professional teak dealer reflect, nearly period of time in dongguan central scroll fish bead timber market, teak the arrival of the goods quantity is about 20 to 25 cars, nearly 3000 cubic meters, the total supply of goods shortage problem is obvious. In addition, merchants say that the newly entered source cost is relatively high, so the price will continue to be high. At present, the market of teak in guangdong is 2.2m above, thick 8-20cm, and A grade of 21000-22000 yuan/m3. The price quoted is 26,000-28,000 yuan/m3.

2. Africa saw timber market: as the atmosphere of the off-season is becoming more and more intense, recently, the market of African saw timber has entered a downward path, and the shipments of various kinds of materials have shrunk before the previous year. Companies have said that in previous years, this time the African wood trading atmosphere is still very active, but this year is to "storm" of environmental protection, the influence of the downstream most furniture, decoration factory shutdown of early Chinese New Year holidays, the timber market season has come early, market volatility will fall. In terms of price, merchants say that the price of African materials has generally stabilized after a long period of increase.

The price of the city will continue to rise. According to the dealers, in the light of the impact of the off-season, the recent sales of the market of sand and Billy have been significantly lower than last month, the market is a little chilly. Price, the price of the recent sand Billy is still strong, dealers said after the consumption of the whole year, domestic market inventory has basic bottom sand Billy, upstream region, sand Billy, the price of raw materials and the recent rise ceaselessly, this means that in the future the overall cost of sand Billy would continue to rise, its terminal market prices will also be recovered. "After the Spring Festival, the price of sand Billy will exceed 7,000 yuan/m3." "The businessman said. At present, the price of the two - 4m, thick 5cm, a-class (original import) prices in the guangdong market is 6,500-6,800 yuan per cubic meter.

The little zebra is lonely at the top. Since this year, according to the merchants, little zebra price rising, and have already break a record high, yet little zebra is not rare and rare material to plant, its use value can't support such a high price, but the present stage has been near the end of the year, the downstream furniture factory has been basically no longer receive orders, little zebra market demand also gradually fell back. In a situation where prices are low, zebras are caught in the awkward situation of "high and lonely". At present, the price of small zebras in guangdong market is 2-4m, thick 5cm and grade A (drying material).

3. European and American sawing market: affected by the off-season, the recent north American material market has been slightly cold and weak. Some businesses say that shipments of red oak and white wax have nearly shrunk by more than 50 percent compared with October and November. According to the source, the merchant said that the supply of the individual specifications of the white wax wood is still in short supply at this stage, such as 5/4, 8/4 and other specifications, while the 4/4 specifications are more abundant. Merchants said at the same time, with years of cutting, ash, red oak material such as diameter smaller and smaller, the quality worse and worse, plate saw out of the plate width is relatively narrow, compared with the quality of a few years ago already. At present, the guangdong market white wax wood is 2.15-3.05 m, thick 1-2 inches, FAS level quoted 6000-7000 yuan/m3. Other materials such as red rubber 2.15-3.05 m, thick 1-2 inches, FAS grade quoted 6600-8500 yuan/m3.

4. Northeast saw timber market: affected by the off-season, the Russian lumber market was relatively weak in recent period, and the market price was stable. But from this year's overall picture, the market of Russian material is more common. According to relevant data, in the first ten months of 2017, a total of 10141,000 cubic meters of timber was imported into China through manchuria port, and the import volume of imports exceeded 10 million cubic meters, a record high in the same period. The number of imported saw materials reached 6.85 million cubic meters, up 25 percent year-on-year, accounting for more than two-thirds of the total amount of imported timber. The personage inside course of study points out, the manchurian port imports continued growth mainly lies in: one is the domestic strict policy for the protection of natural forest in recent years, due to wood of the contradiction between supply and demand only by increasing the timber imports to ease; Second, the domestic economy is growing steadily, and the demand for wood is strong in infrastructure construction, real estate, furniture and other industries. Third, the government of the Russian federation has a zero-tariff system for the export of saw materials, which is conducive to the market of plate imports. At present, the Russian changzi pine in guangdong market is 2 -- 4m, thick 5cm, and the price of the whole material is 2,200 -- 2400 yuan per cubic meter, the length of the water crankhead 2.2 -- 2.6 m, the thickness of 5cm, and the price of A grade is 7,000-7,500 yuan/m3.

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