Sandy Hair Production

- Jan 09, 2017-

About need 2 meters X4 meters of cloth, customized sofa sets effect figure first two people cooperation put cloth respectively cover in different parts, according to sofa the parts of arc, reserved sewing with of side Hou (can more left points, prevent crop not in place, left more has can sewing in, left less has sewing out of sofa sets on pulled live has), a parts, and a parts to crop out various shape of cloth, last suture in with on line has.

Not know you of sofa style is what of, roughly need CD out Hou tablets, and back tablets, and Chair tablets, and Qian tablets (Qian tablets following also can added a Lotus side), and two a side tablets (if has handrails of words also have more CD several tablets), two a side tablets of crop most important, must to by sofa of bent shape to CD, note back on both sides top Department of location to discount, specific playing more long have according to sofa of radian decided. Then sew to the first vertical, then sew the two side, sew sofa sets and beautiful, if you are using cloth, plaids do still pay attention to the good pattern.

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