Sandy Hair Shrunk Problems

- Jan 09, 2017-

Sell sofa factory sofa sets are usually unable to take into account the fabrics shrink problem, which led to sofa shrunk after the cleaning and preventing the installation!

Sofa set solving shrink problem: fabric from a fabric factory has shrunk some, garment production reserves shrink in volume, cushion after cleaning to the desired size! , But this a process in sofa clothing Shang is cannot directly using, because sofa clothing sets in sofa body Shang Hou to guarantee size anastomosis, and no size situation, cleaning zhihou also can keep undisturbed, this on requirements sofa clothing fabric in production zhiqian must advance for shrink processing; shrink processing has two species method: a: few of can directly with household washing machine cleaning dried; II: volume big of can with industrial washing machine washing drying

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