Sculptural Resin Table Is Made From 50,000-Year-Old-Wood

- Dec 13, 2017-

Family-run Italian furniture design firm Riva 1920 has designed a stunning new resin table with 50,000-year-old wood inlay. And with a base designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, the result is both artistic and functional.

The Earth Table expertly melds resin, iron, and Kauri wood from New Zealand to spectacular effect. The table top, which was designed by C.R. & S. RIVA1920, is a perfect complement to Piano's sculptural iron base. As light filters through the transparent resin, exotic shadows carpet the pavement.

The use of Kauri is an interesting choice by the designers. This ancient wood is prized for its rarity. Found only in New Zealand, the prehistoric trees grew for up to 2,000 years before being buried and preserved in peat. Pieces up to 50,000 years old have been harvested, with extraction a long and laborious process.

It's only fitting that this most rare and precious material should be the jewel of Earth Table. “It wants to be a stylized representation of the earth,” Riva 1920 shares. “The wooden parts metaphorically representing the continents and the resin sections the oceans.”

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