Secrets Of Outdoor Leisure Furniture

- Nov 15, 2018-

The biggest feature of outdoor furniture is waterproof sunscreen, which is not afraid of wind and sun. Therefore, the material requirements are very high, the corrosion resistance is strong (commonly speaking, it will not rust), anti-UV (it is not easy to fade after sun exposure), moisture-proof and mildew-proof requirements (it is not easy to dirty)!

Secondly, there are many kinds of materials for outdoor furniture. The most common ones are PE rattan, webbing, wood (Southeast Asian hawthorn, red walnut, pineapple, teak), cast aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel, Teslin mesh. , high-pressure composite panels, outdoor fabrics, etc.!

   Qualified and high quality outdoor furniture materials all have the same characteristics: non-toxic and harmless, reaching the "EU standard" zero formaldehyde release; strong corrosion resistance; super strong anti-fouling and mildew resistance; UV resistance, light fastness 7-8 Grade; cold resistant, no shrinkage; high pressure resistance; strong abrasion resistance; high tension.

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