Shanghai Furniture Fair Grand Opening Of The City Design Feast Stunning Struck

- Sep 15, 2017-

After a year of preparation, the 23rd China International Furniture Fair on September 12 at the Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center grand opening. The annual China International Furniture Fair after 24 years of development, innovation in the competition, regardless of the scale of this year or exhibitors are a new high. Last year began to launch a new theme heavy - modern Shanghai Fashion Home Show after a year of accumulation, but also in the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall stunning debut.

September 12 Shanghai Furniture Fair grand opening of the city design feast stunning struck

The total exhibition area of 350,000 square feet, of which 225 overseas exhibitors, net area of nearly 200,000 square feet, a record high. As of September 10, the total number of pre-registered visitors in advance reached 184,300, an increase of 26.18% over last year, of which overseas buyers totaled 19,331, an increase of 5.3% over last year.

In addition, this year the organizers of China Furniture Association, Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., and China Indoor Association strong cooperation with the exhibition this year from Beijing moved to Shanghai, China's interior design week, coupled with the original Shanghai home design week , Will be in September this year, Shanghai to create a real city design feast, passing the strongest voice.

 More than 200 international brands, not the country can also look at the world

 As one of the most important trade platforms in the international furniture industry, the number of overseas exhibitors participating in the Shanghai Furniture Fair is increasing every year. There are 225 exhibitors with a net area of 20,425 square meters from France, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom , South Korea, Belgium, Malaysia and other 25 countries. In particular, the 10th exhibition of the French pavilion this year, together with 12 French high-end brands debut to "My Furniture is French" as the theme, the internationally renowned brands Ligne Roset, Demeyere, Symbiosis, etc. in which exhibits include living room, bedroom, Outdoor, children and other furniture category, a complete display of the French living space and way of life; the Italian regional government also organized more than 20 Italian furniture brand came to Pudong, in addition to the overall home, as well as ornaments and lamps brand, luxury classical or modern Minimalist, for the audience to fully display the top of the Italian manufacturing.

 Not only that, the audience in the E1 international brands can see the United States top furniture brand Hooker, well-known furniture group KODA, more from the Nordic Actona, Unique, SoulLiving bring pure Scandinavian style home, to meet the professionals A variety of procurement needs.

More than 100 original design brands together have a good design in China

Each year the modern furniture pavilion brings together a large number of well-known furniture brand of the whole furniture series, especially the design of the brand museum and the original design museum where the E6, E7 Museum, once popular burst to many booths had to limit the flow.

It is worth mentioning that this year's exhibition site original design brand of 93, light E6 design hall, there are more than 20 new design brand. The United States and the United States, the United States and other places, But also to about; Asia-chuen, model, Rui Chi, Rong Lin, matrix, Van He, Yu see, Toumai and other brands also bring new products debut.

Quite impressive is Ai Bao furniture with its 2016 two brands "Tang Tang", "Fabio Fan" and 2017 new brand "Now & Future" debut E6 original design museum. In addition, Rong Lin home display of the new brand "Liang Chen" and "Jing Yan", "Liang Chen" is Rong Lin home and design master Liang Jianguo, cutting-edge designer Zhou Chenchen joint research and development of the new brand to " "Jing Yan" is the design master Chen Yanfei cooperation with the introduction of the original design series, heritage of traditional crafts, respected the sea aesthetics, with a strong oriental culture, the two brands to retain and continue the Rong Lin Home of the new Chinese style, at the same time in the new Chinese home field to create a contemporary new style, worthy tasting.

 French national treasure color master sits "color • Chinese home"

Since the "color? China home" project exposure caused a high degree of concern in the home industry, in particular, this year the organizers also invited to the national treasure color experts to let Professor Philippe. Long Ke Luo sits, but also aroused a large number of The design of the pursuit of crazy. High-end manufacturing is the key to the future design of China, and "color" for the future of China's home to bring a beautiful landscape. Furniture exhibition hope to lead the color through the upstream and downstream, so that the flow of color to become a new driving force for the design of China, but also for the future development of furniture pave the way.

 On September 12th, the "Color · China Home" project was launched at the new international level, so that Professor Philip Rangkeluo, Professor Song Jianming of China Academy of Fine Arts, as well as Chinese furniture association, Big Dipper and color related industry experts to forum, Research, signings, signings and other forms, so that the new International and Expo two exhibition hall throughout the "color • Chinese home" theme. E8B Hall E8-A55 Forum area will be held the first "encounter color" theme forum activities, interpretation and popular science. Fabric, paint business and designers are also at the event site to share the color with the demands, to explore the color trends, "how to integrate and work together to create a series of customized theme home color" to start upstream and downstream dialogue. At the same time, through the film, color science books and modular experience, so that the audience intuitive feel the charm of color.

 On the afternoon of the 12th, Jean-Philippe Lancorot also presented a color presentations at the China Home Design Conference, focusing on the future

 Three years of Chinese home design color aesthetics, the scene will be held in 2017 the latest published "Jean. Phillips. Long Crowe: painter and designer life," a book of the signing, and the audience personally interact. This book tells the story of its own growth and color theory, which interspersed with a lot of color training examples, both vivid and professional depth, for the design industry practitioners and in the painting emphasis on color training people are highly valuable.

China good sofa, good fabric, good material, and then upgrade

 The fourth China is a good sofa, good fabric, good material and good sofa, good fabric, good material selection contest, aimed at material upgrading to promote China's sofa manufacturing quality improvement, industry linkage, collaborative innovation, create success.

 The event was sponsored by the China Furniture Association, this year also joined the "good material" rating, a total of 35 enterprises received 37 sets of entries, Gu home, Qu Mei home, love Ruisi, Asia, Li Hao furniture, such as sofa (Hangzhou) textile and other fabric companies and Yu Tong plastic products, Qingdao Chunxi hardwood, celebrity and other materials enterprises to design new products "on the same stage of competition", the company is committed to the " The These sofas are on display at the new International Expo Center E8BA55.

 The judges of the competition is also very strong, with the China Furniture Association Secretary-General Zhang Bingbing, Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhong Beihong, Red Star Meikailong Group Vice Chairman Che Jianfang, Beijing actually home investment holding group Co., Ltd. Vice President Ren Cheng, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Xu Lan, China Sewing Machine Association Vice Chairman Lin Jianlong, Beijing Furniture Association He Fajian, Zhejiang Institute of Science and Technology Textile Design Young teachers Zhu Wei Jing, Sina home editor Dai Bei. The final selection of "good sofa", "good fabric", "good material" of the three, "Best Creative Award" 1, as well as on-site public vote to select the "most popular award" 1, On the afternoon of December 12, the South Hall was announced and awarded.

High-end manufacturing exhibition at home and abroad leading enterprises Qi together

 Chinese furniture design to go high-end, every detail will determine the success or failure, materials, technology, each ring are "occupying positions." China Furniture Association Zhu Changling that "'high-end manufacturing' is a breakthrough in the development of the furniture industry, because the industry is now in an important period of structural adjustment, take this step, significant."

This year's furniture exhibition will be "breakthrough" directly on the "high-end manufacturing", the twenty-third session of China's high-end furniture manufacturing exhibition

(FMC CHINA 2017) a comprehensive upgrade, based on the furniture industry chain upstream, bringing together the global industry leading brands and high-end exhibits, help the Chinese furniture industry towards high-end manufacturing road.

 In particular, China International Furniture Fittings and Materials Exhibition (FMC Premium 2017), as China's high-end manufacturing exhibition of furniture, booth area doubled expansion, covering the N5 hall. From the United States Hardwood Export Committee, the United States Conifer Association, the French Timber and Wood Products Export Association, Canada Wood, Quebec Wood Export Association several major overseas timber association will bring internationally renowned plate into the domestic market; domestic and foreign high-end materials enterprises are also In which, such as Kaidi, Moses, what Mody, Tian Si Hardware, Heng Fa, Zhuo Kai, solid Knight, Lei Lei, actually design home, bunny, Yi Huang, proud, summer king, emperor dragon, shellfish California, Europe and the United States, the United States and the United States, the field jacquard, Peregrine, PGM, the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, Sensible, are Kay, etc., from the fabric to the furniture materials, parts, hardware accessories, etc. string together from the furniture industry complete supply chain, fully meet the procurement needs of furniture upstream and downstream enterprises.

In addition, the "The Road to Prosperity - the Second Asia Furniture Development Forum", jointly organized by the China Furniture Association, the Asian Furniture Association and the Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., will invite government officials, associations and business leaders from Asia and Europe , The famous designer of the event, to explore the global cultural integration, "one way" policy and other new opportunities, how to guide the design of life, how to innovate the industry development, to the Asian furniture industry's common prosperity.

Two awards fierce competition, the number of applications to a new high

 Mr. Peter Zec, Chairman of the German Red Dot Award Chairman, Founder and Chairman of the Chinese Furniture Design Gold Award Jury, said that the "Golden Point Award" and "Innovation Award" "Chinese design every year to bring me surprises, after every year, I have to come to Shanghai, such a home event can not miss."

 Innovation Award This year there are 103 exhibitors registration, 313 works to participate in the final prize competition, and the fourth gold prize is more favorable by the exhibitors, 173 exhibitors, 534 entries for the election, the two awards are the number of last year The The judges are also very strong, the gold point award judges include Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Chen Baoguang, Sun Xinxi, Han Jiaying, Song Jianming, Stefan Diez, Liang Jinghua, Wang Mingliang; Innovation Award judges are domestic experts elite, Chen Baoguang, Wu Zhihui, Chen Yu Shu, Liu Xiaohong, Xiao Aibin, Liu Wenjin, Zhang Yapui, Zhang Fan, Gao Wei, Qian Zhu This year's Innovation Award added a "overall custom" award, followed by the design trend. Two awards who Whispering who, who will be a war fame, will be in the 2 days after the fierce selection, on September 13 designer night will be grandly announced.

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