Share Furniture Or Future Trends.

- Feb 05, 2018-

As is known to all, in 2017 is the year of Shared economy, from the electric bicycle, sharing, sharing of travel to everyday items Shared charging treasure, Shared the umbrella, gym and KTV entertainment sharing, sharing, sharing involves the industry more and more widely, the concept of home is not exceptional also float subsequently.

It is reported, current sharing household business object is more tenants and enterprise, operating mode basic Shared the furniture to sell for incision, the introduction of Internet businesses access platform, customers can order online, online payments, in charge of logistics delivery and installation services, repair and maintenance, after the expiry of the lease, platform will be treated as recycling old furniture accordingly.

However, most of the existing furniture products are sold directly or in a customized way, with several large share furniture brands operating in the market, most of which are still in the stage of trial operation. According to people in the industry, the sharing of household platforms is mostly rental behavior, not real sharing. Even do share, for the enterprise, the "share" in the early of household investment cost is too large, long payback period, and to face risks, renovation costs and other household damage, sustainable business remains unclear. For the consumer, the style of household, old and new, health and price will also be considered seriously. Therefore, in view of product attributes, use cycle, user experience and other factors, household "sharing" cannot be generalized.

In addition, whether the Shared household can survive and develop in the market depends largely on the development of the rental market. Relevant data show that in the first half of 2017 the national housing rental market trading volume in the second half of 2016 rose 9.5% month-on-month, rose 21.9% year-on-year, the rental market size kept rising since the first half of 2014. According to HOME LINK institute released "series research report about the rental market, according to the national 30% of people solve the housing problem by means of lease, an even greater percentage in the first-tier cities, the number of rental large means sharing household will be part of the household industry the future trend.

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