Shenyang International Fair's All-aluminum Home Display A Bright Spot

- Aug 21, 2017-

 The general assembly will continue to maintain 120,000 square meters and eight pavilions. This year has more than 700 exhibitors, the product contains almost solid wood furniture, cabinets, panel furniture, sofa, mattress, bedroom door, stair, floor, overall custom furniture, outdoor furniture, office furniture, raw and auxiliary materials, woodworking machinery, hardware tools and indoor decoration materials and products of all categories. At the end of the exhibition, there will be 100,000 professional buyers, which will present the largest and most influential industrial chain of the home industry in northern China. 


August 5, the first day of the exhibition, various industry activities are colorful, especially interesting. Successfully hosted the "design, innovation, development, integration" as the theme of "the third China (shenyang) international BBS" contemporary household industry development, to explore China's furniture industry how to remain healthy and steady development; The strategic conference and signing ceremony of the spring and autumn double exhibition in shenyang, China, and the signing ceremony of the spring and autumn festival in shenyang, China, highlighted the new features of the reform and innovation of the shenyang home expo. It also held the "white paper on home decoration decoration in liaoning province", which promoted the decoration of enterprise self-government and industry self-discipline, and promoted the prosperity of decoration and decoration market. We held a conference on the establishment of the smart home industry association of liaoning province, which showed that the government, association and scientific research joined together to improve the overall level of the smart home industry. The development of BBS in the original design and home industry of the northern works was held to promote the results of the research and development. Also organized the 6th northeast office furniture group procurement meeting; Held the 6th China shenyang international home fair design competition; The northern high-end home furnishing channel conference was held. 

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