Shenzhen Furniture Industry Will Be Fully Completed Green Transformation

- Apr 17, 2017-

Shenzhen atmospheric environmental management actions, since May 1 this year, shenzhen furniture products manufacturing process will be a total ban on using solvent coatings, adhesives and toxic plate, at the appointed time, shenzhen furniture will become in the true sense of environmental protection furniture. This is a reporter from yesterday held the city furniture manufacturing enterprise VOCs pollution control work conference has learned.

In recent years, along with the deepening of the atmospheric environment governance, improve air quality in shenzhen, stable air quality meet the national secondary standard. But should be caused take seriously, in the case of the pollutant indexes continue to good, shenzhen ozone pollution problem is increasingly highlighted. Ozone since 2015, the number of days as the main pollutants has been two years in a row over PM2.5, become the primary pollutants. Therefore, the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pollution control becomes the key to atmospheric environmental governance.

The furniture industry is not only the advantages of traditional industries in shenzhen, is one of the biggest industry of shenzhen VOCs emissions, using coating about 20000 tons, VOCs emissions more than 10000 tons. For further improving the quality of atmospheric environment, in February this year, the municipal government issued the "shenzhen atmospheric environmental quality improvement plan (2017-2020), clear the city furniture industry at the end of June before a total ban on the use of high volatile organic matter content of coating. Technical regulations of shenzhen special economic zone "the furniture in the finished products and raw and auxiliary materials harmful material set limit to" will be on May 1, 2017 implementation of the second phase limit, the implementation of the standard means of shenzhen furniture products manufacturing process will be a total ban on using solvent coatings, adhesives and toxic plank, strictly limit the poisonous and harmful residue content index.

City residential environment committee officials said, in the furniture manufacturing industry complete after modification, waterborne VOCs emissions would be cut by more than 80% in the city. Shenzhen furniture products will become the domestic market in the true sense of green furniture.

, complete production line reconstruction work as soon as possible to promote the furniture enterprises, the municipal government has transformed to complete production line of business enterprise give subsidies, subsidies standards is expected to increase 40% of the cost to the enterprise production line modified waterborne.

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