Smart Home Market Slowly In Guiding The Market Towards Science And Technology

- Apr 28, 2017-

Smart home market start-ups are distinctive for their distinctive products changing our daily life, common desk lamp and smart intelligent platooninsert, intelligent temperature controller, etc.In addition to the traditional product, also gradually appeared on the market designed for pets or the baby of the new intelligent home products, such as specially designed for Wang Xing people smart bone, designed for meow star people smart sink, and designed for baby smart with robots, and so on.In a word, with the progress of technology, all kinds of intelligent products is becoming more and more rich.

But with the enlargement of the smart home market, there have been more and more American start-ups aimed at the field, and successfully obtain financing.According to CBInsight research results show that: in the United States, the early obtained start-up companies in the field of smart home financing round (seed or A round) in proportion to the average annual total amount of all early financing transactions, has gone up from 52% in 2011 to now (in the first half of 2016), 74% of the growth rate of 22%.In addition, the success to the round startup type intelligent household at the beginning of the company and the number continues to grow, from 16 in 2013, is up to the annual average 25 companies since 2014.


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