Sofa Care Ten Attention

- Jan 09, 2017-

1. takes notes usually when moving a sofa should be backing, light lift with care, drag drag, the sofas and the floor will be compromised.

2. takes note of sofa cushion or fabric protection, to protect both the sofa and protect the floor from being scratched.

3. pay attention to ventilation and maintain normal humidity, avoid the sofa wet mildew.

4. cut kids hop on the couch and walk as much as possible, to line burst, collapse, and accelerate aging.

5. Note do not put the sofa directly exposed to sunlight or close to a heat source to avoid the sofa fading, aging skin.

6 note. avoid splashing colored liquids, chemicals and oily substances, it is difficult to wash off.

7. disable strong decontamination (washing powder, gasoline, diesel) clean the sofa, so as not to color the sofa, harden, aging.

8. Please select suitable cleaning agent or retention agent in inconspicuous places a small area before the trial, to ensure that no damage to fabrics below can be used.

9. Note do not close to the sofa the other painted furniture and wall display, should keep a distance of 2-3 cm, avoid fabric wear.

10. the note tool (keys, knives) and pet claws, damage to the sofa.

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