Sofa Cleaning Process

- Jan 09, 2017-

Sofa cleaning process: the sofa is a family necessity, whether it is home sofa or sofa, over time, will need to regularly clean and maintain to extend its service life.

Job object: sofa cleaning

Quality standard: no obvious oil stains on the sofa, stains and adhesion of Undercoat

General sofa cleaning dry foam cleaning and deep cleaning is divided into two kinds of operations should be based on the couch surface dirt and material selection of different detergents for cleaning.

Deep cleaning: dusting the couch surface first, then use professional scrubbing in a tangy on the sofa to scrub stubborn dirt on the surface, then use a professional comprehensive second sofa washing machine cleaning, final use water suction machine to fully dry.

Dry foam cleaning: dusting the couch surface first, and then join the cleaner dry cleaning machines on the sofa the sofa even beating scrub the surface of the shallow dirt, (while beating while cleaning) and finally use water suction machine to fully dry.

Fabric sofa methods of operation: (this method is also used in fabric seat cleaning)

1, use a vacuum cleaner full vacuum

2, diluted detergent, can also be injected into water tank

3, on the sofa, full spray cleaner

4, 10-15 minutes later, dirt from fiber

5, sauna machine, high-temperature cleaner to be used interchangeably, at least after two wash

6, cleans the sofa at the same time, net use water suction machine washing couch

7, was completely dry by the sofa, to speed up the sofa to dry, switch on the sofa dryer

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