Sofa Size

- Jan 09, 2017-

Selection of sofa size, not more or less good, mainly according to their living room size, style and location. Select is the best.

1, the color of the sofa, size and orientation.

Should be finished renovation is going to buy a sofa, to determine their decorating style, and then select the color, direction and position.

2, sofa-size selection.

Should be in your pre measured size, (length x width), to market is one of the sofas, there is a sofa (can mix), large living room, suitable for split, this atmosphere. Not dead rules, because once you buy it would be difficult to change.

Sofa 3, choice of materials, is the choice of fabric or leather, it depends on the person taste, after also taking into account the convenient care. Leather sofa care easy but requires periodic maintenance, generally need 3 months maintenance time, sofa to consider the easily removable and washable (best owned a set for easy cleaning-for summer or winter)

You look like the sofa may not be appropriate for your home, be sure to select the most suitable home, is the best.

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