Sofa Towel

- Jan 09, 2017-

A variety of decorative towels, cotton or man-made fibres yarn. Two types of woven and knitted. Jacquard, velour sofa towel printing, scratch printing, and so on. Fabric pattern parts arrangement of suitable, elegant, good colour fastness. Sofa sets can be packaged up the sofa, fabric sofa is made of sandy hair, sit on couches outside you see that layer of cloth is the sofa, sofa cover can be removed to wash, used can change. Sofa towel is usually resting on a layer of fabric on the sofa, is mainly a long time no one at home to the ash to prevent direct sunlight.

Sofa and sofa towel versus, is naturally the sofa a little better, sofa towel is a piece of cloth, sheets or something, slippery, sitting once again is quite tiring. Sofa set with universal docile type, universal deal, you can only come to order.

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