Solid Wood Furniture Maintenance

- Jan 03, 2018-

Solid wood furniture: humidity reduction and cracking

Nowadays, solid wood furniture becomes the "darling" of more and more families, but many consumers only know the environmental advantages of real wood furniture, but know little about the maintenance knowledge of real wood furniture.

Solid wood furniture is affected by different climate does appear deformation and cracking phenomenon, which can be roughly divided into two kinds of circumstances: one kind is points seam (wood furniture) the cracks in the different parts joining together open fission is big, the other is a furniture surface cracking phenomenon. Country issued "wood furniture general technical conditions" have specific provision, points seam if less than or equal to 2 mm belongs to general defects, however, generally defects if more than 4, belong to the quality problem.

High quality solid wood furniture weather-shack phenomenon seldom occurs, even if occasionally also don't have to worry about, because of big brand furniture has many years of warranty, life-long maintenance services, the ordinary small problem is very easy to fix, and simply can't see the trace of repair.

Northern winter weather is dry, want to try to shorten the time of the open window, increasing indoor humidity, this not only is good for the owner of the physical and mental health, for the maintenance of solid wood furniture also has a great help. Many owner friend mistakenly think that winter opens window ventilates can let indoor temperature drop, wood furniture crack phenomenon also can reduce naturally. In fact, the biggest reason that wooden furniture cracks is humidity, not temperature.

The indoor air in winter is very dry, add the function of heating and air conditioning, the quality of solid wood furniture really is very big test. Solid wood furniture, like human skin, loses moisture and shrinks automatically when the air is extremely dry, causing a little crack in the surface. Therefore, should pay attention to when choosing real wood furniture, examine the moisture content of furniture board material carefully can greatly reduce the probability that occurrence surface cracks in the future use process. Generally speaking, the moisture content in wood is more suitable to the northern weather than 10%.

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