Standard Of Rational Household Standard

- Jan 06, 2018-

What is the most critical for the "household benchmarking enterprise" this problem, this year we gave the influence and reputation of the "brand", "product quality, performance, experience", "after-sales service is perfect", "" product market share four options. Last year, nearly 5 percent of respondents chose after-sales service and 44 percent chose brand influence and reputation. This year, "the quality of the product, performance, experience" to become the most popular options, 56% of the readers chose this, in addition, 33% of the readers chose "brand influence and reputation". Products and services are the core content provided by the home enterprises. For consumers, the enterprise provides good products and services, which is a benchmark enterprise.

In "what do you think household benchmarking enterprise service the most should have what characteristic" problem, 39% chose "have perfect solve the problem and feedback mechanism, can quickly solve the problem", 28% chose "good service attitude, service content rich". The four options for the service are similar to the one that is "categorically won", unlike any other topic. For consumers, there is no much difference in household product quality on the market, service has become a measure, they choose the brand consumers can quickly solve problems, become the criterion for testing enterprise whole service system. The service quality originates from the reputation of consumers and is an important part of corporate reputation.

In choosing "benchmarking which most should possess characteristics of domestic outfit company" and "benchmarking: what's furniture store should have characteristics of" two problems, ensure the quality, environmental health "construction process, reasonable price" and "product category is complete, quality assured, affordable" two options to win 78% of the vote. Providing good products and services will always be the primary function of the home enterprise. In ensuring the quality, the reasonable price will also become a reason for many consumers to choose.

The redwood industry is a booming industry in recent years, but consumers don't know much about hongmu enterprises. In this year's new "what do you think the benchmarking red wood enterprise, should have what kind of characteristic most?" In the problem, 50% of consumers chose the "integrity management, the raw materials guaranteed quality" option. It should be said that "baozhen baozhen" is the most basic quality of rosewood furniture. With the rapid development of the mahogany industry, there is a phenomenon of quality and bad quality. Consumers are more eager for the integrity of the industry and the industry is more standardized.

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