Start Furniture Personalized Age

- Oct 25, 2017-

In recent years, many designers or designers have come to me to discuss their designs. Apart from the specific works, only one such phenomenon is sufficient to illustrate a trend, namely: the personalized demand of furniture design is becoming more and more obvious and more and more intense. 

The first is the need. Our industry is a completely marketable industry. The demand of consumers is the first driving force in the market. Or the furniture industry entrepreneurs and designers are the most sensitive, their market sense of smell is very keen, without this one, can not be mixed in this fierce competition. It is the need of the market that drives the design. 


Today, it also reflects the development of furniture consumption market has taken place great changes, have the satisfaction of the transition from the function to meet the aesthetic, formula from the factory to designer formula, then self formula from designer with direction change. 


The second is that reality has the potential for such a shift. The production and processing ability of Chinese furniture manufacturers is strong, which is the main material base condition. Without this basic conditions, no change is possible. Our furniture production capacity is one of the things I often lament. Especially if you go to a concentrated area, it will deepen the feeling. It is mainly reflected in the two points of "faster speed" and "faster expansion". It is the ability of Chinese furniture that provides a feasible path for us to turn on furniture production and design of a different country. 


The opening of furniture personalization begins with the production enterprises with innovative design consciousness and ability, then the industry designers of the forethought of the prophets, and then the design power of the whole society. Because of the increase in demand, which makes this situation seem to have no bottom line, I can sometimes not even judge which aspects come from. 


First, the designer's products expanded the field, and there was also a word in our market called "designer brand". To highlight the word "master", you can prefix a "big" word if it is not large enough. If not enough, continue to superimpose "international", "well-known" and so on, and a number of suffixes to add interpretation. The furniture of stylist brand appears is personalized extension, make the furniture of different style appears in our family, also advance the artistic trend of furniture, make it more artistic characteristic. 


"Custom furniture", or the word "home customization" now universal, lets mass-produced companies pull back in personalisation. "Customization" doesn't completely cover artistic pursuits, but it satisfies the "individuality" end. Furniture is to use function after all, it is important to meet the individual needs of different families. Some of the artistic satisfaction may be reduced at some point, but the cost will be reduced. 

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