Summer Household Maintenance, How To Prevent Cloth Qualitative Furniture To Be Sick

- Jun 19, 2017-

Nowadays many family sofa, soft bed USES cloth art material, cloth art is opposite leather and solid wood will be more durable, but in summer also should not neglect to maintain. On the one hand, when stained with dust, sand and other dry dirt, as long as gently pat or vacuum suction, clean, as for into a grain of sand, usable brush brush conveniently inward light, but do not use hard brush, so as not to damage the cloth. If, on the other hand, stick to a beverage, fruit juice with a paper towel to wipe hand water can go ahead and dissolved with warm water and neutral detergent to wipe, then use a clean soft cloth to wipe, finally the low temperature drying. 

In addition, the summer heat, people easy to sweat, sweat will affect the surface of the sofa, bed, will not only corrosion cloth, also easy to breed bacteria, harmful to human body. So use vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust of the surface regularly in the summer, wipe with wet towel regularly, this can prevent bacterium breed. Conditional return can buy pure eucalyptus oil the furniture clean product, need to spray only, natural air dry can. Wet temperatures can also cause mold, and be aware of indoor ventilation. 

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