Take You Know In Advance In 2017 Chicago International Outdoor Furniture

- Apr 12, 2017-

Show time: in September 2017

Exhibition location: Merchandise Mart Expo center

Exhibition profile: an annual one, the show is the 32nd session of this year, is the Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc., a host, mainly international leisure furniture and home decor accessories professional exhibitions.

Audiences include: professional leisure furniture retailer, furniture retailer, swimming pool and spa retailer, the center of the garden of retailers, retailers, fireplace and hardware stores, discount promotion, mass spectrometry gift decoration accessories retailers.

Exhibition range: leisure outdoor furniture, fireplace, desktop decoration accessories, umbrellas, garden accessories, statues, gardening, pottery, barbecue utensils, casting, metal furniture, steel furniture, wicker/rattan weaving material of wood furniture, resin/glass furniture, leisure furniture, furniture of combination of cast iron, cast iron/deformation of aluminum furniture, outdoor lighting, cushion, etc.

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