The 2019 Spoga + GAFA Exhibition In Cologne

- Oct 30, 2019-

The 2019 Spoga + GAFA exhibition in Cologne, Germany was successfully concluded on September 1-3. HONLY Outdoor Furniture newly design products were received  high reputation among visitor from all around the word. 

Let's review the wonderful moment of the exhibition.

Heshan HONLY Garden Furniture Manufacturer Co., Ltd, is professional of outdoor furniture manufacturer with nearly 10 year experience. We have an unique insight into product design. 

HONLY booth

We are committed to creating unique and comfortable outdoor furniture. In terms of appearance, we not only make unique products, but also strictly control the quality of products.

If you have seen our products on the exhibition before, you will recongize us for the unique petal shape, and this flower shape is the highlight and symbol of our company.

Alum leather single sofa

petal shape products

Not only our new design is unique, but also it is very comfortable to seat and soft to touch.

And obviously, many visitors and client in Spoga fair were adore our design.


Clients are discussing

Client was enjoying our sun lounger

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