The Advantage Of The Woven Rattan

- Mar 28, 2017-

Pure natural talent is qualitative material, give a person a kind of safe psychological perception, this in full of all kinds of unsafe ingredients is particularly valuable in modern furniture market; Cane material of colour and lustre, simple sense, retain the basic external visual perception of plants, even in the interior, also as if place oneself in the peace of nature; Cane material thickness, thickness and length, can vary with the change of the design show that the elastic, cane products on modelling, broaden the designer play space; Contained in the cane makes furniture of manufacturability, satisfy the modern people worship of the handmade, compared with the other party straight modern furniture modelling, more a warm kindness.

The cane makes up, as a kind of ancient, are classified as intangible cultural heritage of traditional process, now have a wider space to play, in the aspects of social life. As long as have been reasonably inheritance, we can get a better development.


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