The Application Domain Of Aluminium Alloy Is More And More Extensive

- Jan 26, 2018-

Cabinet, wardrobe, bed, desk, bookcase, wine cabinet, shoe cabinet... The furniture you can imagine can be made of aluminum.

According to a number of practitioners, compared with wood furniture, the whole aluminum family has obvious differentiation advantage: moisture-proof, fire prevention, insect repellent; The materials can be recycled, and a typical desk can be recycled from a quarter to a fifth. The market price is above 10 yuan/kg. Do not use glue in board type furniture board, protect from formaldehyde to retain trouble.

Of course, the advantages are obvious, and the disadvantages of aluminum and gold furniture are also intuitive: too cold, lack of wood warmth.

Aluminium alloy is not born faces, at the end of the 80 s gradually is widely used in doors and Windows, replace the steel window and more ancient wooden window, now account for 55% of the whole door market share (the rest is plastic, wood, etc.).

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