The Application Of Bionics In Furniture Design

- Jun 06, 2018-

Throughout the history of furniture development at home and abroad, various styles and schools have imitated the biological form in nature. Language and symbols that imitate natural forms can be found in furniture. In modern design, this kind of design method still occupies a quite important position. Therefore, bionic furniture design is one of the important sources of innovative furniture design. Modern furniture design on the premise of follow the principle of human body engineering, with the aid of the biological form of nature, combined with the function of the furniture and modelling, the technique of using bionic make furniture design with vivid image and personality characteristics, reflect a certain emotion and interest.

Among them, the most direct form is the form bionics, which USES the figurative natural form to evolve into abstract form. It is also one of the most commonly used design methods.

Structural bionics is a combination of creative thinking and clever technology. It is guided by modern design concepts to solve some problems.

Bionic function, can from extremely common and ordinary biological structure function, comprehend the deep structure function principle, from a biological structure, function, directly or indirectly the shape of the model, carries on the creative design of product.

Petal bionic design:

HONLY Bionic design.jpg

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