The Benefits Of Wood Wax Furniture

- Nov 20, 2017-

1. The most characteristic of the furniture that USES wood wax oil is to retain the original grain of the solid wood, the decorative surface is natural and soft, with the original ecological atmosphere. Wood wax can fully penetrate into the wood, and the vegetable oil and wax ingredients form a hard protective film on the wood surface, which will not cover the original face of the wood and make the furniture fresh and natural. It is the choice between the closer and the natural distance.

2, use wood oil to do act the role of the furniture has the collection value, especially rare wood, such as black walnut wood to make furniture, high-grade quality, elegant atmosphere, but also can save time, both have a certain artistic value, could be used as a collection.

3, healthy environmental protection ACTS the role of the furniture and wood oil used, many people worry when buying furniture formaldehyde is excessive, have adverse effects on health, wood oil is very good to solve it. Because it does not contain toluene, xylene, formaldehyde and heavy metal and other toxic ingredients, without the smell of pungent smell, even the pigment of toning is food grade.

Hope the wood wax oil can give your home to build a healthy and comfortable environment, let the home more environmental, the air is fresher.

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