The Best Gift For Children's Day. The Left And Right Sofas Bring Healthy, Green And Environmentally Friendly Children's Furniture.

- Jun 01, 2019-


The average proportion of children staying indoors is as high as 90%, and the living room is the main place for fun. The importance is self-evident. After choosing the decoration materials, a green sofa can safely let the children play freely.

  The sofa formaldehyde is mainly from the material and glue, and the inferior raw materials will not only emit odor, but also breed bacteria after a long time. As early as 2015, the left and right sofas referenced the EU formaldehyde release standard, and the content of formaldehyde and TVOC in the finished sofa was required to be lower.

  The formaldehyde of the sofa is greatly derived from the adhesive used in the process of making cotton in the sofa. The oily adhesive is not environmentally friendly and has a strong irritating odor. The left and right sofas have been reformed and upgraded to use the non-toxic and harmless green water-based glue to protect the health of users and workers.

  At the same time, the filling material of the left and right sofas is a whole piece of natural high-elastic East Asian sponge, which does not incorporate talc powder and other additives which will produce harmful substances such as formaldehyde and toluene. From raw materials to adhesives, the left and right sofas are tightly controlled to create a place for families to release their body and mind and enjoy quality life.

  A "stable" first, eliminating child safety risks

Naughty is a child's nature. Children always like to bounce on the sofa, play and play, it is easy to cause the sofa to collapse or peel off. Damage to the furniture is second, in case of bumps and injuries is the most worrying parents.

  The inner frame of honly furniture is made of natural teak, which is more environmentally friendly, durable and longer lasting than artificial boards.

  Eliminate all kinds of home instability factors from environmental protection and safety, and protect children's healthy growth.

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