The Charm Of Teak Outdoor Furniture

- Jan 18, 2019-

Teak and mahogany are a grade of furniture, because teak China does not have this tree species so that everyone is not too familiar with teak. Teak is a big category, generally most precious in Thai teak and Burmese teak, because Thai teak is forbidden to export, so Burmese teak is the most precious.

  So what are the characteristics and benefits of teak? The characteristic of teak furniture is that it has a long service life and the color color is kept for a long time. Under normal circumstances, it will not change color after using for decades, which is related to its growing environment and product characteristics. The biggest advantage of teak is that the wood itself has good natural properties, its own corrosion resistance, insect and ants, water resistance and no deformation. It is the least deformable in all woods, even if it is immersed in water. When Zheng He went to the Western China in ancient times, he already knew that the characteristics of teak were used to make special parts of the hull. Nowadays, most of them are used for outdoor furniture.

Natural teak series1

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