The Difference Between Water Paint And Oil Paint

- Mar 23, 2018-

It is certainly no stranger to mention paint, but are you able to distinguish the concepts of waterborne paints, water paints, environmentally friendly paints, paints, and water paints?

It is understood that the concept of waterborne wood coatings has developed rapidly since entering the Chinese market in 1995. More consumers have begun to understand the term waterborne paint, and waterborne paint has made its own efforts to improve the healthy lives of ordinary people and to create cleanliness for humans. The living environment is silently dedicated.

Water-based paint technology is a more environmentally friendly technology for water-based paints that people do not understand, and is widely used in various market segments of industrial coatings, architectural coatings, and building materials. The most essential difference between water-based paints and oil-based paints is the selection of solvents. Water-based paints use water as the paint for thinners, while oil paints use organic solvents. These organic solvents are generally harmful to the human body and pollute the atmosphere. The flammable solvent), therefore, the most essential difference between water-based paint and oil-based paint is the environmental protection and the impact on human health.

As the water-based paint is more environmentally friendly, consumers are already aware of the “water-based” when purchasing wall paints, but many consumers ignore wood-based paint on the furniture surface. Because some people say that wood lacquer is also water-based and healthier; others say that good oil-based lacquer is more suitable for the surface texture of certain solid wood furniture. So, is the paint on the furniture surface watery or oily? Experts affirmed that with high-quality water-based paint, the environmental index of furniture will be greatly improved.

It is understood that whether it is furniture or other materials, water-based paints are paints that use water as a diluent. The interior and exterior paints, metallic paints, etc. currently used in the market have corresponding water-based paint products, especially in the interior wall coatings for buildings. Water-based paints already dominate the market.

For ordinary consumers, waterborne wood lacquers are a little unfamiliar, and experts say that water-based lacquers will become the undisputed mainstream, whether on the surface of walls or wood surfaces.

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