The Different Characteristics Of PE Rattan And True Rattan

- Sep 05, 2017-

Common imitation rattan furniture materials for the PE rattan and PVC rattan, PE is polyethylene, PVC is PVC, are polymer macromolecules. Common outdoor imitation rattan furniture products are based on PE imitation rattan furniture.

High-grade tough PE / PVC rattan, compared with the natural rattan, but also have the surface smooth and delicate, smooth, with high strength, good flexibility, durable, waterproof, sunscreen, mildew, moth, health, easy to clean and so on. Imitation rattan furniture rattan (PE rattan) imitation of natural rattan synthetic, rattan furniture with its unique flexibility, plasticity, coupled with the embellishment of modern technology, made of soft and hard products, comfortable and smooth lines. Fashionable, full consideration of ergonomic comfort.

The difference between PE and rattan


1, different materials. PE rattan chair is made of industrial artificial rattan, is a plastic products; natural rattan chair is a natural forest, there is no industrial pollution of the material.


 2, the use of places and maintenance methods are different. PE rattan for a variety of indoor and outdoor places, open air or indoor are suitable, and not afraid of dirty do not dust without special maintenance, easy to clean. Natural rattan only suitable for indoor use, can not be exposed in the outdoors, or easy to break, and to regular cleaning and maintenance, or wet weather easily insects or mildew.


 3. PE rattan chair waterproof sunscreen performance is good, but the life as natural rattan, breathable, but not sweat; natural rattan chair excellent breathability, sweat and moisture.


The above-mentioned PE vine is more suitable for outdoor use.


Liyang furniture products are environmentally friendly PE rattan, in line with international standards, with anti-ultraviolet (the authority of the testing agency SGS certification, anti-UV up to 3000 hours), high-strength tensile, washable characteristics, and non-toxic harmless , 100% recyclable.

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