The False Propaganda Problem In The Home Industry Is Outstanding

- Aug 28, 2018-

The China Consumers Association of Private Science and Technology Industrialists recently released the "China Household Consumer Protection Research Report (2017-2018)". The report said that in the type of household consumption complaints in 2017, contracts, quality, after-sales service and false publicity were complaints. The hardest hit area accounted for 86.24% of all complaints.

False propaganda is more common in traditional store home shopping complaints. According to the report, in order to improve the performance, the sales staff makes false introductions to avoid the real information of the products when they introduce the products to the customers; some sales personnel deliberately conceal the existence of the furniture in the case of knowing that the furniture is defective. In the case, the defective, defective, and defective furniture is sold to consumers.

There is also a problem of the proliferation of fake online advertisements in the e-commerce market. The report pointed out that in order to attract consumers' attention, some businesses deliberately exaggerated product performance and efficacy, provided false prices, and implemented false service commitments. However, when consumers buy and get the goods, they find that the promotion and pictures of the products are far from each other.

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