The Five Key Words Of The Home Industry In The First Half Of 2017

- Jun 30, 2017-

1. The design 

Home design demand is not a slogan, with the upgrading of consumer demand, the design level and service process of traditional home decoration companies have been difficult to meet consumers' demands. The demand of the consumer market also drives the industry's own transformation - valuing design and valuing designers. In the first half of this year, the movements of several industry giants revealed that the emphasis on design was not an empty word, and companies had begun to act in silence. 

2. Show 

The first Beijing international furniture exhibition and China life festival most household industry to show yourself and directional merchants, meet the household consumers "reward, shopping, buy" concentration, move children, pensions and cooperation intention of intelligence, and other industries. Overturned in the industry, the exhibition of the status quo of "no show" Beijing let tens of thousands of household practitioners have new ownership, also let the global brand design, original masters and top cafes have appeared in the exhibition, to the city fans home and design has brought many benefits. Is worth looking forward to, the exhibition has become the industry's "brand", which are held in the future for the celebration of the year, will attract a large number of household power gathered in Beijing, the current pattern of household industry have a profound impact. 

3. Marketing 

Although home float subsequently marketing is multifarious, but there is no denying that the marketing of household is becoming increasingly difficult, once the lottery, group purchase, President of signing almost every month some marketing methods, among other things, already let the consumer has a serious "fatigue", hire a single star endorsement is no longer new, circle of friends seemingly has the attractive title doesn't completely attractive point open, now already not bouquet not afraid of deep alley era, how to plan a high attention of marketing planning, become household enterprises willing to spend heavily to build things. 

Science and technology of 4. 

Last year, VR technology in the home industry also like the chicken ribs, this year VR technology has made consumers more rich experience. The setting up of VR in the home decoration company and furniture store lets consumers get rid of the space and time limit, and can see more about the whole house visual effect of hard loading and soft loading. Housing design, customers can design software with the help of the enter his room information, on the computer modeling, and thus for the 3 d effect on displays, can see the effect of space design, more intuitive to think becomes visible and stereo, saves time, and save the energy. 

Alliance of 5. 

Rising in the consumer and the market increasingly competitive environment, the cooperation between enterprises is gradually strengthened, between different enterprises in the same industry by the opponent into a friend before, cross-border cooperation in different industries also let the power of the enterprise itself has grown, 1 plus 1 greater than 2 cooperation pattern has become home to the developing direction of float subsequently. 

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