The Fusion Of Art And Design

- Jun 15, 2018-

When artistic style is combined with outdoor furniture design, there are two kinds of deviation treatment states due to the guiding methods of creation and other reasons.

The binding of art and design. We could see the relationship of art and design is stripping, highly artistic the use function of outdoor furniture and outdoor furniture modelling, material technology, and other design elements shows no correlation between, just doing simple addition, it in many often encountered in the design of outdoor furniture enterprises. If this aspect cannot be improved, it will inevitably lead to the superficial and blind application of art in design, and the artistic style cannot be mass produced, only staying at the stage of drawing model.

Design is grafted onto art. Not only designers like to show their design style in the field of outdoor furniture, but also artists like to use outdoor furniture as the carrier of creation. After art grafting of outdoor furniture, director of "plant" is just an artist with outdoor furniture as the carrier of art creation, it has to do with our discussion of outdoor furniture art design to the opposite direction, in some art exhibition is a very common form of such works.


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