The Future Whole Aluminum Furniture Development Should Avoid Three Minefield

- Apr 26, 2017-

Whether from the Angle of green environmental protection purpose or from aluminum production capacity, all aluminum furniture was born for a lot of people in the industry to see hope.

Solid wood furniture, aluminum furniture is the biggest characteristic is the green environmental protection, and with the development of the aluminum art aluminum alloy furniture on touch and in view of the whole household decoration space application more development space.

But the development of the whole aluminum furniture is not plain sailing, will experience more market baptism, from immature to the mature stage of development, so the development of the whole aluminum furniture should be avoided in the future what mine?


Mine 1: lack of industry standards

Industry standard of a series of problems resulted from the lack of phenomenon is actually one of every industry have to face problems.

In the industry at the beginning of the start, aimed at the market, products, producers and consumers of standards to set up is very important.

High specification is advantageous to guide benign competition of the market, the standard to improve the quality of the products, promote the industry to speed up technological innovation, leading the industry sustained, rapid and healthy development.

Like at this stage in the development of solid wood furniture, has formed a set of design technology, product, procurement, process technology and acceptance standard and test method of industry standards, as at this stage in the development of solid wood furniture, has formed a set of including design, product standards, procurement, process technology, the industry standard for acceptance and test method.

Standard wafer machining, ingredients and products of logs and glue stick processing products such as processing requirements are clear rules.

So, using the experience of the development of solid wood furniture, industry standard for perfecting for the development of the whole aluminum furniture is extremely important.

All aluminum furniture aluminum quality ruled that scalar processing level of grading, subsequent recycling service maintenance and a series of problems need to be standard to measure.

Mine 2: products tend to homogeneity

Products in the market tend to homogenize plagiarism is one of the performance of the products.

Believe both solid wood furniture industry now or in the Windows and doors market, product between the plagiarism problem is serious.

Lead to this problem in addition to the above mentioned lack of industry standards, another important reason is that at the beginning of the market value of profit drive, manufacturers lack a sense of "innovation promotes productivity".

This is especially true in some small and medium-sized enterprises.

For small and medium-sized manufacturers on the market, each research and development of a new product, need to put in the time and cost is very huge, has certain market risk, may sales foreground is not optimistic.

So the healthy development of the whole aluminum furniture inseparable from the cultivation of product innovation consciousness, innovation ability is the test of comprehensive strength to manufacturers, is also a product if I can get one of essential factors of consumers.

Mine 3: low value-added products

According to sina household consumer survey in the field of furniture, consumer is in when choosing furniture products will first consider the first factor is the brand, the second is the price.

Here small make up think brand is representative of the level of product added value.

From the perspective of consumers, in addition to the material used for furniture, design, and the function of practical application, the after-sales service level is also the attention of consumers focus on key points.

From the perspective of enterprise, in the future, for the consumer to solve some pain points in life, to provide consumers with more valuable furniture products, will be very competitive.

Early doors and Windows from the system of doors and Windows, solid wood furniture from the shift has custom furniture product development direction of high added value.

Similarly, all aluminum furniture is no exception, or in the future, through the whole aluminum furniture show to us is not simply the furniture is customized, personalized connotation, combining with the development of The Times, also will give us a fair show extremely intelligent and humanization of all the time.

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