The Government Will Strengthen The Environmental Protection Rules That Involve Dust In Enterprises

- Jul 19, 2017-

 Under the new situation, the shenzhen municipal party committee, municipal government took the lead from the "shenzhen speed" to the development philosophy of "quality of shenzhen" transformation, endeavor to realize the growth of industry on the premise of quality and achieve sustainable development. With the approaching of the 19th national congress, the pace of industrial upgrading under the guidance of the government has accelerated significantly. 

The improvement of environmental safety quality is the key to industrial transformation and upgrading. In recent years, the government has issued various requirements to regulate the environmental safety of enterprises. "Shenzhen 2016 standard" (furniture), TVOC of furniture enterprises, volatile harmful substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, has carried on the strict control, it can be seen that attaches great importance to the government for environmental security. Therefore, for furniture enterprises, not accelerating the environmental upgrading and transformation will inevitably result in the production of furniture enterprises, and even make the development of furniture enterprises unsustainable. 

Recently, the shenzhen municipal government and big hair, to all companies involved in dust unified issued a strict standards and requirements, the rectification of dust through the timely and effective implementation involves the rectification of enterprise of environmental protection, for not meet the requirements of enterprises, will instruct all neighborhoods. This is another sign of the government's determination to ensure environmental safety and speed up the transformation and upgrading of government and industry. 

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