The Internet +expansion Or Excess Capacity Of The Whole House In 2018

- Jan 11, 2018-

 The development of full house customization is obvious to all, and will definitely continue to advance in 2018, and many brands will follow. This on the one hand subdivides the market that decorates an industry, on the one hand also strengthens the home building materials industry in the decoration industry chain distribution position. However, the rapid development of whole-house customization is mainly attributable to two aspects: first, the improvement of flexible production capacity of customized enterprises, so that the personalized demand can be satisfied through large-scale production; The second is the rise of consumer personality let custom class designers have more participation in the consumer decision-making process, so as to expand the market, consumers make custom class household preempted the market of traditional decoration industry.

  In a sense, the whole house customization brand will be repositioned, and the personality will become the mainstream brand tonality. However, for now, the "big alligator" in the whole house customization industry has not been solidified, and several brands have been chasing me, and the new full-house custom brand has also risen rapidly. Nowadays, many enterprises are following the trend and concept, even "selling dog meat" without real strength. There is also a potentially dangerous signal for the whole house to be customized in the future, which will lead to a result -- an embarrassment of excess capacity over the next few years. In terms of consumer market, the product quality and service value determine the core advantages of the enterprise on a large scale. That is to say, the whole house custom enterprise must have the good product that takes a hand first, must have good service consciousness next, ability is in the competition in invincible place.

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