The Internet Of Things Is Expanding Rapidly, And Smart Home Is The Key To Future Development

- Nov 22, 2017-

 The Internet of things has become an important engine of green, intelligent and sustainable development in the economic and social world. As part of the deployment of a share of the networking/IoT devices, smart home devices will overtake smartphones in 2021, according to the report.

Earlier, according to Gartner predicts, global networking equipment number will reach 20.8 billion in 2020, while BIIntelligence forecast global networking equipment number will reach 34 billion in 2020, in which the Internet of things device 24 billion, smart phones, tablets, smart watch traditional mobile Internet devices such as quantity is only 10 billion.

With tens of billions of connected devices bringing the explosive growth of data, IDC expects global data to surpass 40ZB by 2020, 22 times 2011. From the perspective of application, the Internet of things promotes the expansion of Internet application from the consumption field to the production area, and gradually deepens the city management.

The Internet of things continues to expand rapidly, and smart home will be the key to further development of the Internet of things in 2020, according to a new research report from StrategyAnalytics.

Report the connected world: smart home is the key to the future Internet of things grow, "pointed out that by the end of this year, nearly 20 billion Internet and networking equipment will be deployed in the whole world, the next four years will be 10 billion more. Enterprise is the key to use the Internet of things market in recent years have been, but long-term forecasts show that intelligent household could be connected to the Internet in the 2020 s and iot devices deployed the main driver of growth, the number of connections will reach 50 billion.

Key findings of the report include:

1. As part of the share of the deployed networking/IoT devices, smart home devices will surpass smartphones in 2021.

The Internet of things will grow by 17% in 2017, but it will fall to 9% in 2021.

3. The enterprise Internet of things currently accounts for 52% of the total Internet of Internet/iot terminal market.

David mercer, chief analyst and author of StrategyAnalytics, said: "the initial internet-connected device PC now accounts for only 5% of the total market, indicating how the Internet has penetrated into many aspects of our lives."

BillAblondi StrategyAnalytics intelligent household strategy research director, said: "the development of smart home is still only in its initial stage, along with the family more and more networking equipment installation, it will become more widely in the Internet of things in the future ten years one of the largest segment of the market."

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