The Interzum Exhibition In Germany, Which Thinks About Chinese Furniture

- May 25, 2017-

  On May 19, the international furniture production, carpentry and interior decoration exhibition (interzum) in cologne, 2017. Interzum show as the focus of furniture production and raw and auxiliary materials, woodworking machinery manufacturing in the field of global events, after milan "design", to "technology" relay world furniture trend. 

We often say that material innovation is the foundation of design innovation, and technological innovation is the driving force for innovation. The Chinese furniture industry wants to complete the transformation and upgrading smoothly. Besides focusing on design innovation and cultural creativity, we should focus on the development of new materials and new technologies. The exhibition advocate the modern home decoration materials, outstanding interior design and bold innovation into the living space in the future, just four days, for Chinese furniture has brought many new new thinking. 

Focus on the functional design of the product 


Based on the growth of individualized consumer demand, the trend of small and medium resizing and elaboration, functional design has become the new direction of furniture research in China. At this year's interzum exhibition, the furniture material that functions as the core of the material, whether it's board or hardware, shines brightly. These products, first of all, emphasize the convenience of consumer use; The second emphasis is on rapid assembly of tools and simple tools. Finally emphasized that furniture products multifunctional conversion, thus greatly broaden and extended the thinking of furniture design, provides a more traditional furniture design innovation inspiration and material support. 

Second, promote the intelligence of furniture to make 


German industry 4.0 is undoubtedly the focus of traditional manufacturing in recent years. The so-called German industrial 4.0, is based on "Internet + manufacturing" at the heart of the factory, products, customers, information data connectivity, such as building a system of intelligent manufacturing. 

The interzum show the other trend is dominated by intelligent technology to upgrade, especially in the textile and machinery exhibition, show the collection automation, digital, network and intelligence in the integration of modern furniture industrialization of new technology, with high efficiency and intelligent thoroughly change the traditional manufacturing process and mode. 

Third, explore the integration plan of household 


The progress of technology, with the global furniture industry becomes increasingly highly specialized and centralized trend, which makes the furniture industry accelerated the pace of cross-border integration of upstream and downstream, both furniture material, woodworking machinery, enterprise began to rely on the core advantage to industry chain end up and down. The interzum show, many furniture materials are exploring home integrated solutions, such as from a combination of furniture parts to the indoor light, sound, electricity control system integration, mechanical automation, intelligence to furniture products information, systematic, and so on, more abundant and accurate product system. 


At present, Chinese furniture is experiencing with structural reforms to promote the industry transformation of the supply side, "capacity, inventories, deleveraging, cost reduction, short board" of the core is to promote upgrading of quality and technology. In the future, with the implementation of the strategy of "2025" made in China, made in China will be in German industrial 4.0, the Internet industry, on the basis of Italian design, towards a new stage of development. 

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