The Low Concentration Of Furniture Industry Is The Main Reason.

- Jan 29, 2018-

The industry is relatively dispersed, the local brand is mostly, channel dispersion is an important reason. In 2016, the sales volume of China's furniture industry is over 850 billion yuan, but the market is very fragmented. The CR3 in the subdivision area is basically 10-15%, and there are many local brands.

Industry concentration degree is low for industry development stage and so on reasons, and high dispersion of channels is a can not be ignored: the retail end is given priority to with the local the chain stores selling structure provides conditions for the development of the local furniture brand;

The proportion of engineering channel is not high, the purchase of hardcover is scattered and the low price is more important. The combination of "local supermarket & local real estate agent" has hindered the concentration of market share to leading enterprises to a certain extent.

The furniture industry concentration degree is low, the channel disperses is the main reason.

The furniture industry is relatively scattered, with many local brands.

The furniture market and each subdivision category are more dispersed, the local brand is numerous. Furniture market in China has grown steadily in recent years, by 2016 the overall size is 855.95 billion yuan, but the market concentration degree is extremely low, the largest listed companies in 2016 annual European scale of household income is 7.134 billion yuan, less than 1% of total market. Look from each category segment, custom cabinets, mattress industry's first three major brands of market concentration less than 15%, top three sofa industry concentration is only 15.88%, the category where there are many regional brand.

Channel dispersion is an important reason for low market concentration.

Multiple factors lead to the dispersion of furniture market, and channel dispersion is one of the important reasons. Furniture industry concentration is low, there are many reasons for this, including industry development stage, the respect such as brand maturity, product attributes, including high dispersion of channels is an important reason of cannot be ignored.

Furniture sales channels mainly include retail and engineering two kinds, the furniture store and real estate business there are many local brands, the combination of "local stores & local property developers" mode to a certain extent, hampered the market share to the focus of leading enterprises.

Under the background of channel concentration, the furniture industry has the opportunity to improve the industry concentration.

The furniture store will focus on national chain leading brands, and the retail channel will bring a good opportunity to improve the concentration of furniture industry.

Household steady growth in the retail market, national chain stores with strong ability of channel expansion will get more share, furniture brands follow into new markets on the one hand, reduce the difficulty of the new channel expansion location;

Can also get more traffic on the other hand, along with the continuously to the TOP5 chain brand furniture stores share concentration, with leading market with stable strategic cooperation of furniture brand will use stores channel resources to achieve higher market share, thereby giving impetus to the further increase of concentration of furniture industry.

The furniture retail market has been growing steadily and the chain stores have been increasing.

The market size of home decoration and furniture industry grows steadily. The scale of the home decoration and furniture industry to maintain steady growth, industry scale of nearly 1.23 trillion yuan in 2006, after 11 years of development, at the end of 2016 industry sales of 3.98 trillion yuan, 2006 ~ 2016 years in the industry of compound growth of 12.44%.

From the category division, furniture and home decoration, light than basic building materials accounted for close, housing decoration including furniture and consumer durable goods, such as textile, tableware, kitchen utensils and appliances, small appliances (not including TV, air conditioners, refrigerators and other large household appliances), daily hardware and daily housing decoration supplies;

Light construction materials such as lighting equipment, floor and coating. Benefit from the smooth development of national economy and consumption upgrade the industry's leading role, the furniture industry sales are expected to maintain steady growth, is expected to retail market scale will reach 4.4 trillion yuan in 2021.

Home decoration and furniture market share will gradually be concentrated in chain stores. A chain of home decoration and furniture manufacturers usually for small one-stop chain of furniture stores, compared with the same industry chain of furniture stores, product category and consumer confidence is not high, less distribution markets in the less developed regions, usually small, chain of furniture stores growth rate is expected to more slowly, and losing market share, and this part of the market will be transferred to the large chain stores operators.

The improvement of the market concentration of furniture stores helps to improve the concentration of furniture industry. Its strategic planning leading furniture stores in terminal channel encryption is the inevitable trend of future development layout, new furniture stores opening cooperation will also be furniture brand enterprises and dealers to provide more excellent store location, reduce degree of difficulty of screening new address, follow national furniture brand sells channel expansion can realize the terminal stores nationwide layout.

The increase of property concentration drives the brand furniture to gain more market share.

Faucet real estate purchase high speed growth, the engineering channel has become the leading brand of furniture brand new kinetic energy.

In recent years, the proportion of China's hardback housing has been continuously improved, and the concentration of leading real estate enterprises has increased rapidly, and the TOP10 concentration in the area is increased from 5.8% in 2011 to 12.5%/15.8% in the first three quarters of 2016.

Hardcover procurement standards are also from the "cheap" to "high quality", under the multiple factor engineering channels is become an important new brand furniture leading power, from the current size of the project channel and concentration, we believe that the future in this area will continue to maintain rapid growth, and further to the leading furniture brand.

With the continuous improvement of hardcover, the engineering channel becomes an important channel for furniture enterprises.

Under the background of the promotion of fine decoration, the penetration rate of the hardcover room is continuously improved, and the bulk business is expected to become an important new growth point in the furniture industry. The terminal retail demand of furniture mainly comes from the improvement of new-home decoration and second-hand housing. With the overall regulation of the real estate industry, the natural passenger flow of the new house is under certain pressure.

With the advance of the hardback room and the continuous improvement of the proportion of hardcover, the engineering business is becoming an important new channel for furniture enterprises. The promotion of fine decoration starts from a second line and the proportion of fine decoration is relatively high, and it is gradually extending to three or four lines.

"Trump" to "trump", from "cheap" to "quality". Fine decoration of the property of the supplier's standards are changing: in the primary stage, fine decoration material supply to choose more value "cheap", to do fine decoration purpose is to facilitate the buyers to use, make better sell house;

Now part of the developers of the selection criteria are becoming "" high-quality, fine decoration configuration to match the positioning of the house of a well-known brand of household building materials has become an important booth real estate sales, the promoted brand enterprise of fine decoration class provides better opportunities and more market space.

Domestic outfit, whole outfit rise, medium and small B channel helps furniture brand concentration.

Home decoration, the size of the whole package of enterprises continuously increase, small and medium B channel to help the furniture industry to focus on the leading brands.

In recent years, domestic outfit is the industry reshuffle integration, formed the thousands of revenue volume in 50 million ~ 500 million (corresponding to the number of customers in 250 ~ 2500) of an outfit, monoblock company, under the condition of downward in the boom of industry they need through the work with high quality furniture brand to attract customers, with the natural growth of passenger flow at the same time they also become an important supplement, furniture enterprises home decoration channel weak traditional retail channel profit but cost is low, monoblock enterprises such as small and medium-sized domestic outfit B channels will help the development of furniture industry to leading brand concentration.

The integration of home decoration channel promotes the concentration degree of brand furniture building materials suppliers.

The home decoration channel is in the integration stage, the number of enterprises in the industry is declining, and the average output value is gradually increasing. As the policy impact and fine decoration decoration industry chain upstream and downstream of the participants are involved, the traditional decoration industry's competitive level, industry itself is still in the stage of integration, the number declined from 2011 in 2011 to 2011 in 13.2, some small business integration gradually withdraw from the market or by other companies.

The whole assembly channel will become the important traffic entrance of the furniture and building materials enterprise, and the concentration of the market share will further promote the concentration degree of the furniture brand.

Within the industry, under the impact of external furniture terminal stores the natural growth is a significant decline in passenger flow, and small and medium-sized home outfit ready company with relatively broad channels and marketing methods and actively develop domestic outfit for guest after market, can obtain relatively stable passenger flow.

For the performance of supply chain model will drive the advance of domestic outfit industry construction in purchasing species concentration, way of purchasing quantity, purchasing, warehousing logistics link building for ascension, drive the upstream and downstream industry investment in domestic outfit channels, promote to the attention of the channels of domestic outfit building materials building materials furniture brand, to gradually realize from the monoblock channel integration to the conduction of furniture building materials brand integration, furniture brand concentration will achieve further promoted.

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