The Maintenance Of The Outdoor Furniture Of The Honly Helper

- Dec 07, 2017-

In the market today, most of the use is the imitation vine, which is the PE vine.

PE vine: polyethylene

Specific gravity: 0.94-0.96 g / 3, ㎝, molding shrinkage rate: 1.5 3.6 ﹪, molding temperature: 140-220.

Features: corrosion resistance, electrical insulation (especially high frequency insulation) good, can be chemical crosslinking, irradiated crosslinking modification, available glass fiber reinforced. Low pressure polyethylene has high melting point, rigidity, hardness and strength, low water absorption, good electrical performance and radiation resistance. High pressure polyethylene has good flexibility, elongation, impact strength and permeability. High molecular weight polyethylene has high impact degree, fatigue resistance and abrasion resistance. (can be used directly with a brush or a vacuum cleaner)

Because the furniture of the outdoor furniture is made of knitting, the high and low of appearance composition needs to use short brush or the vacuum cleaner that comes with brush head to clean, after that use cotton cloth swab.

The cane made outdoor furniture long time in the sun exposure, easy to lose the original luster, can even crack, so try to reduce the exposure time, or move to have sunshade place. If you live near a mountainous area or on a dry season, you should be able to dehumidify regularly to make sure it's dry. And for the cold,

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